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Tangerine Dream


I first discovered electronic music when I was in middle school, in 1982 or 1983. The music teacher sat us down and played Kraftwerk for us-- Autobahn, all of it. I was enthralled, entranced, and newly obsessed. I went out to find more electronic music, and was directed to Tangerine Dream. The first Tangerine Dream album I picked up was Exit, and it remains one of my favorite albums of electronic music. I used to listen to it while playing games on my Commodore 64, but that's another story.

Exit is notable for being written largely using the PPG Wave 2 synthesizer-- it's a striking and distinctive sound. It was one of the first (if not THE first) synthesizer to use digital wavetables, but it processed them through an analog signal chain, making it an incredibly versatile and expressive synth. The sounds are undeniably digital, but the analog filters warm up the sound and keep it from being too sterile. Here's the page at Vintage Synth Explorer. It's pretty! And blue!

In the two tracks here, most of what you hear is generated by the PPG Wave. Even the most digital sounds are, while clean and undeniably digital, not sterile or static. No simple looped waveforms here-- nope, this is MODULATION.

I love this album, and I hope you, my loyal readers, enjoy it as well.

Kiew Mission

The album goes in and out of print-- I can't recommend it enough.

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