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I have mixed feelings on mashups... On the one hand, you have brilliant collages like The Kleptones' 24 Hours or The Evolution Control Committee. On the other hand, there are any number of crap mixes where somebody throws a couple of songs into Ableton Live or Garageband without regard for little details like, you know, key. (Or even creative pitch-shifting.) Plus I could live the rest of my life very contentedly without ever hearing that damn "Oops, I appear to have spent all last night masturbating and now I'm going to claim it was an accident, tee hee" song pasted over another song again. (Hip-hop and soul vocalists take note! If you record a song without backing tracks under your vocals, it is guaranteed that every schmuck with Garageband will be mixing you with hundreds of generic Apple Loops the very hour your track hits the internet!)

Like any other morbid curiosity, thought, I can't resist poking around, just to see what crimes have been perpetrated against my favorite songs. Here are some tracks I've found that I think are interesting, amusing, and non-obvious enough to point out.

Policy of Sweet Dreams -- Depeche Mode and the Eurhythmics. Synthpop power mix, yeah! I especially like how the opening hooks have been interlaced to form a sort of uber-hook. And the Eurhythmics "Ooohs" and Depeche Mode chorus mix nicely. Recommended.

Never Float On -- The Assembly and Modest Mouse. Mixing two super-popular synthpop acts is too obvious? Well, okay. How about the band Vince Clarke was in between Yaz and Erasure? With Feargal Sharkey on vocals, The Assembly recorded and released one single, "Never Never." Here it is, mixed with Modest Mouse's recently-popular "Float On." A little time-stretched, sure, but it works.

Devil Went Down To The Beach -- New Order and the Charlie Daniels Band. Synthpop and indie rock was too obvious? Sure, okay. Here you go! The instrumental B-side version of "Blue Monday" and some hardcore country music! Take that!

All right. That's probably not my final word on mashups, but now I can claim I have followed internet trends and talked about mashups in my mp3 blog. Now I just need to set up an Amazon wish list and post topless pictures.

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