The Overlords

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I once read a usenet article on The Overlords describing them as somewhere between Front 242 and Devo. Thinking that seemed like an ideal combination, I sought out their first album, Organic?. It wasn't too bad a description. Driving industrial beats, synthy hooks, growly vocals delivered in some unidentifiable European accent, and a little bonus weirdness thrown in for extra excitement. Plus a cover of "Holiday in Cambodia." What more could you want?

They released another album, All The Naked People, which included actual production values, but it was far less interesting than their first. Thus, the three tracks here are from Organic? The Overlords appear to have pretty much vanished since then.

Holiday in Cambodia
Near Dark [Campfire Mix]

1 Comment

I picked up Organic way back when I heard they were a cross between 242 and Devo.

I hadn't played them in years, but dug them out when I got to play a goth/industrial cheese set.

I enjoy, if only for their camp value.

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