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I had been meaning to post about hollAnd, but Bret at postpunkjunk.com got to it first. So, here's a link to his post, where you can hear "Beep, Kiss" and a couple of others. He appears to have about the same opinion I do, too-- decent, interesting, uneven.

The PostPunkJunk archives are well worth trawling for music, too...

Okay, three tracks today. Insert typical blogger whining about not having posted in so long here.

First, Lali Puna doing a super-quiet, almost ambient, cover of Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder's title song for the movie Electric Dreams, which, in a heartless crime against culture, isn't out on DVD. How could they release Short Circuit, but not Electric Dreams? It's got a MUCH better soundtrack, especially with that wonderful cello/computer jam session. That and the closing number in Revenge of the Nerds were the most influential pieces of movie music in my formative years. Make of that what you will. And now, on the "Reproductions" Human League tribute album (which is generally quite good), Lali Puna has made it quiet and pretty, for times when you want to express how lonely it can be to be far from somebody you love and miss but huge throbbing analog synths just don't fit the mood.

Lali Puna -- (Together In) Electric Dreams

Next up, more unabashed 80's cheese, complete with chunky octave basslines, sampled guitars and a hook so hooky that I had to dig up the song more than 15 years later to find out if it was as great as I remembered. Yep, it was. I don't really feel like searching out any info about Baltimora right now. Presumably they were from Baltimore, released this song and the requisite 12" remix (which you're getting here-- dig it, synthesizer monkey noise breakdown at 4:49), and vanished. Who knows? Thank you, "Maximum 80's," for bringing us this nearly-forgotten delight. And oh look, there are Baltimora videos on YouTube. Cool. Baltimora! Top of the Pops!

Baltimora -- Tarzan Boy (12" remix)

Finally, another piece of catchy 80's synthpop, from Blue Clocks Green, who until a couple of years ago didn't even have a web presence. They do now, and there's been some vague mention of a comeback, although I think that would imply that they'd actually been here in the first place. There's an extensive biography here, and I deeply regret not stealing the "Hemingway" 12" vinyl from WBUR when I had the chance. Alas, my morality. Anyway, it's a cute and bouncy little tune, and very catchy indeed. Highly recommended, and mirrored here in case the upenn.edu link (where I got the file) goes away.

Blue Clocks Green -- Hemingway

Regardless of my previous threats, these are all mp3 files, so non-itunes users can relax-- for now.

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