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AAC vs. MP3


I mostly use the AAC format (.m4a) when I encode my CDs these days. I've done enough A/B testing to determine that (at least to me) they sound enough better to be worth using.

I may post things here in .m4a format. This means that iPods are pretty much the only portable that can play them. Plus, it's possible that there are people whose software might not handle the format. Most players have plugins or some sort of method for playing .m4a files, at least.

Would there be massive outcry if I were to post music in .m4a format? I'm inclined to go ahead and do so, but if it would be WAY TOO ANNOYING, I'd go to the trouble of digging out CDs and re-encoding them. It would take longer, since I couldn't just upload what's on my laptop now, but for you, my beloved readers, I would do this thing.

Currently considering for upcoming posts: Shriekback, I Start Counting, A.C.Marias, You Shriek, and some others. Any requests? (I think I Start Counting will be next.) Plus, special guest posters Joe and Nik have accounts, whenever they feel like posting anything.

Let me know...

Think Tree

Ask people who were aroud the Boston scene of the early 90's what band they miss the most, and I guarantee you that Think Tree will top the list. Think Tree was almost uncategorizable, wildly eclectic, veering between industrial and rock with sidetrips through noise, funk and electronica. It was no wonder that when they finally signed to a major label, that label had no idea what to do with them and totally failed to promote their album in any useful way.

Frustration and artistic differences took their toll and Think Tree broke up in 1994. Keyboardist Krishna Venkatesh formed El Dopa, while front man Peter Moore, guitarist Will Ragano, and drummer Jeff Biegert created Count Zero (who have a MySpace page here).

Think Tree released two albums, the first, eight/thirteen, on their own label and the second, Like The Idea on Caroline. Both are out of print.

Hire A Bird (eight/thirteen)
The Word (Live) (eight/thirteen, CD version only)
Eye For Eye (Like The Idea)
Everything Is Equal (Like The Idea)


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Mm, Edelweiss, terrible 80's dance music at its best, featuring every cheesy sample ever used in the 80's.

Short post today (better than no post since last week, I guess), and ideally Joe will post some early-90's Boston Industrial sometime soon. He's got some DDT and some Joy and some others lined up, I think. I guess we'll see...

For now, though, Edelweiss! One-hit wonder Bavarian synthpop dance frenzy! Yes indeed.

Edelweiss - Bring Me Edelweiss

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