Statement of Purpose

All right, so here I am, and I have this blog software set up.

What am I doing with it?

Well, first off, I've been enjoying places like, and this is some kind of misguided attempt to Give Back To The Community. Yeah, okay.

Second, I've always enjoyed trying to get people to listen to music I like and maybe discover that they like it too. A little DJing, some mixtapes, and now an mp3 blog. Sure.

Third, I would like to make sure that some of the music that I have kicking around on volatile formats like cassettes, vinyl, and CD-Rs (not to mention random mp3s from the net) is passed on in some form. If music isn't listened to, it might as well be dead. At least some of this stuff can get played once or twice.

Fourth, I'd like to show people some of the history of the industrial and electronic scene in Boston in the early 90's. This is where many of my formative club-going years were spent, and while some of the bands from those days are still around, some of them definitely are not. (Alas, Think Tree, we hardly knew ye.)

Finally, I'm glad to finally find a use for this domain, which I've been sitting on for a couple of years now. I was going to blog on it when blogging was new and cool, and I even wrote my own tiny mysql-driven blogging package, but after posting, I think, a total of 3 links I decided not to bother. Livejournal was easier to deal with.

This site is being hosted on GweepNet, which is a piece of history itself. I'm probably going to put actual music files elsewhere so I don't wipe out our bandwidth. I still am not sure of music retention times. I will probably let links hang around indefinitely, but I may only keep some of them up for shorter lengths of time. Older stuff, from tapes or CDs that I know are out-of-print will hang around longer. Newer, or things that can still be bought from the artists, will be removed sooner. MUCH sooner, if requested.

Everything I post here that is still in print, well, please support the artist. That's the real reason I'm posting these here. I'd love to see some of the musicians I'm thinking of here see real success, and if you, my readers, can help with that, so much the better.

Now I'm going to see if I can get together a pile of music for future posting. My goal is one post with 2 songs per day. I should be able to keep that going for a while, right? Heck, I wrote five articles a day for a year on games for the Mac-- I should be able to wring a daily couple of paragraphs out of my music collection, right? Especially since, as you may have noticed, I'm a wordy bastard.

Please email me or post comments with feedback, opinions, or suggestions.


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