Okay, 3 or 4 days in...


Post number 5, after 1 wordy rambling thing and 3 music posts.

I see from the logs that people are reading these and actually downloading the files. If you're leaving comments on livejournal, I can't see them (and they eventually get deleted as the syndicated posts expire), and none have been left on the actual solipsism.net site, so I have no idea what you, my few but undoubtedly loyal readers, have liked or would like to see more of from this here blog.

So, any comments on the handful of songs so far? I haven't set things up for recording from vinyl yet (or tape, for that matter), so these have all been tracks that have been kicking around in mp3 format already. It's mostly been synthpop, and mostly C'Est La Mort.

Any requests? Any comments? Please post.

I've got some DDT lined up, but I'm going to let Joe post those. That should be coming in a couple of days...


I'm behind on blogs; the last couple of entries are all open and awaiting listening right now...thus, no comments yet. :)

mostly new music (to me) is always a good thing. However, I'll stop reading when you post stuff about Celine Dion... unless its about how much you dislike her music.

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