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All right, the first actual music posting. How about that?

I've been a big fan of Men Without Hats since, well, a long time ago. Not as long as they've been around, but when somebody on the MWH mailing list offered to make CDs of a couple of live shows plus their FIRST release (the Folk of the 80's EP, although in the form of the 1985 re-release, the Freeways EP), I jumped at it. The two concerts were from 1983 (the Rhythm of Youth tour) and 1985 (the Freeways tour).

The Freeways EP included 5 songs-- "Modern(e) Dancing", "Utter Space", "Antarctica" (a different version on Rhythm of Youth), "Security (Everybody feels better with)", and "Freeways (Euromix)." An extended version of the EP included 3 other versions of "Freeways," in French, German, and English. Of these, it appears that only "Freeways (Euromix)" was ever released on CD.

I would love it these were re-released on CD. I'd buy them in a second. The CD copies I have are old CD-Rs, from the days when CD burners were expensive and rare, and I don't know how long they'll last. I've made a backup, but I'd rather have a real CD of them. The 80's revival is here-- can we have good reissues of the old MWH material? How about a domestic reissue of Folk of the 80's (Part III) and Rhythm of Youth? You CAN buy them on CD, from Canada (and I have), but not in the US. And the Freeways material appears to be totally unavailable anywhere.

"Utter Space" is one of my favorite MWH songs ever, and was also released as a B-side on the "I Got The Message" single. This is the version from Freeways. The other two are live versions from the Freeways 1985 tour, another otherwise-unavailable Freeways track and the live version of their cover of Roxy Music's "Editions of You."

Utter Space
Security (Everybody feels better with) (Freeways 1985)
Editions of You (Freeways 1985)

The second thing I'm going to post today I, well... I guess I found it somewhere. It's a mashup, or, as we called them in the 80's, a "megamix." And once I get set up for recording from vinyl, I'm going to post my TOTALLY AWESOME Depeche Mode/Nitzer Ebb/Front242/oh and some Laibach for good meaure megamix 12" I picked up a few years ago. Yeah, I can hear you drooling out there.

This is floating around on the internet, usually labelled "Eins Zwei Mix (Long Version)." Some misguided fool seems to have decided it must be somehow related to Einstuerzende Neubauten, which seems to imply that they've never even listened to Einstuerzende Neubauten.

In it, I can pick out Front242 (I guess that 10 minutes of raw beat on the Never Stop! EP was useful after all), Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Enya, Delerium, Art of Noise, Erasure, Mo-Do, and, to tie it in with Men Without Hats, a good chunk of one of Ivan Doroschuk's solo releases. Yeah. I have no idea who made it, but they sure did a good job.

Here you go:

Eins Zwei Mix (Long Version)

...and, an administrative note: I am attempting to host these on after all. If the bandwidth usage gets too high, I'll move them somewhere else.

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Overall, I like the MWH tracks, although the vocals don't do a lot for me. (Matter of taste, not a judgement.)

The megamix is pleasingly head-breaky when the Enya cuts in. :)

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