Magnetic Fields


I don't think I have to tell anyone who the Magnetic Fields are.

"Crowd of Drifters" is Stephen Merritt's first release, from the 1990 C'est La Mort compilation "Doctor Death's Volume 4: The Marvels of Insect Life." This version features Susan Anway on vocals and very different production from the version released much later on Charm of the Highway Strip.

"I Die, You Die" is from the Gary Numan tribute album, Random.

Crowd of Drifters (C'est La Mort)
I Die, You Die (Gary Numan cover)


yay Dr. Death comps. esp. the 2-cd Vol4. lots of good things there.

Both of these were awesome. I think I actually prefer the female vocals on Croud of Drifters.

Thanks for sharing them :D

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